Shelley (Former volunteer, currently Ozcare care assistant)

“After I had completed an aged care course at TAFE I wanted to get some practical experience so I decided to volunteer at the Ozcare Townsville Day Respite Centre.

I care for my own kids so I just fitted in. I walk out of here and I feel like I have achieved something.

It doesn’t feel like work to me. I used to be a courier and a cleaner - this is something I have wanted to do for a long time. Often on my days off I sit there hoping they will call me in.

I just wanted someone to give me a chance – I am so grateful to Ozcare.”

Joanne Bingham, coordinator of the centre, said Shelley was such a fantastic volunteer they decided to take her on as a casual care assistant.

“She is brilliant, we didn’t want her to leave and neither did the clients, we’re so happy that we’ve taken her on” said Joanne.

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