Our History, Purpose & Values

Ozcare was established as a special work of St Vincent de Paul Society Queensland. The Society, as a lay Catholic organisation, aspires to live the gospel message by serving Christ in the poor with love, respect, justice, hope and joy, and by working to shape a more just and compassionate society.

Our Name

Originally known as St Vincent’s Community Services, our name “Ozcare” was chosen in 2003 in recognition of the charitable works of the Blessed Frederic Ozanam who, with his companions, founded the Society of St Vincent de Paul in Paris in 1833.

During his lifetime, Frederic witnessed great upheavals in both society and the Church. In his personal journey, he made his First Communion at age thirteen, affirming his faith. This was followed by a time of doubt about his religious belief which, significantly, he overcame with the guidance of an intellectual priest. Thus began his lifetime focus on the betterment of social conditions for all in need, the lifting of moral standards and supporting the Catholic faith in France.

While at the Sorbonne, University of Paris, Frederic and his companions formed the Conference of Charity to visit and assist the poor, with Frederic as the principal founder and guiding force. The Conference decided to take St Vincent de Paul, the ‘Universal Patron Saint of all Charitable Works’, as its Patron Saint. In 1835, the Conference became known as the ‘Society of St Vincent de Paul’.

Frederic’s short life was characterised by remarkable endeavour, studious diligence, profound piety and demonstrated charity towards his fellow man. On 8 September 1853, he died at the age of forty.

On 22 August 1997, Frederic Ozanam was beatified and declared ‘Blessed’ by Pope John Paul II.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to improve our clients’ quality of life through the delivery of personalised health and human services in the spirit of the St Vincent de Paul Society.

Our Values

Our values form the basis of our culture and guide everything we do.

  • Commitment
    Loyalty in service to our purpose and values.
  • Compassion
    Welcoming and serving all with understanding and without judgement.
  • Respect
    Service to all regardless of belief, ethnic or social background, health and gender.
  • Integrity
    Promoting, maintaining and adhering to our purpose and values.
  • Empathy
    Establishing relationships based on respect and trust.
  • Courage
    Encouraging spiritual growth, welcoming innovation and giving hope for the future.