Reviews from our clients and their families

Our clients mean the world to us, and we take great satisfaction from supporting them to live longer in their own homes. Below is a sample of the compliments and reviews we have received from clients and their families from our home aged care services.

Bob & Diane - Day Respite Centre

"I want to express my gratitude to you and all the staff who assist with the organisation and operation of the Parkwood Gardens Day Respite Centre, in particular the one held each Tuesday when my husband, Bob, attends.

I have used other respite centres but there has never been a regular time in which Bob is picked up in the bus. One centre advised me that it would be between 8am and 8.30am but in reality it was usually between 10 and 10.30am before he was picked up and then he was delivered home by 2pm.

By contrast, I am always contacted by phone by about 8.30am each Tuesday morning to say that the bus will be there to pick Bob up within the next few minutes. Usually it is Chris who makes that call. I am therefore able to make any appointments knowing that the time of pick up is so reliable and I aim to be home by 2.30pm knowing that Bob will be there soon after.  So I have about 6 hours in which to go out or stay at home and get some uninterrupted time to myself.

I also noted that the programs in other centres often include lunch out which almost doubles the cost for the day. I don’t have these extra costs when Bob attends your centre. I am also very grateful that I am provided with a program each month so I have knowledge of the activities in which Bob may participate.

I hope that you will show a copy of this letter to your management body so they are aware that the respite care is appreciated and of a higher standard than others that my husband has attended.

I will be notifying the funding body also of the excellent customer service provided."

Lydia - Home Care and Day Respite Centre

“Ozcare is just wonderful, they literally have saved my life.

A few years back I was in my kitchen when I had heart failure. Ozcare was in doing the vacuuming – the staff member was only going to be in the house for 10 minutes – and she found me and called the ambulance.

My husband was away visiting his son at the time so there is no doubt I wouldn’t have survived. I now consider Ozcare as my family – what they do means the world to me.

They still come to my house to do cleaning and I also go to the Burleigh Heads Day Respite Centre once a week to be social. I like to take part in the activities – they always have something going on and they decorate the place up so nicely for this special occasion or that event.

It’s a wonderful place to come. People just don’t realise – it’s not anything like the old aged homes that were around before, it’s a happy and fun place.”

Ollie - Nursing at Home

“Ozcare are just great. They come in and make sure I’ve taken my medication and really I would be lost without them. I used to have someone come in to do my meals too but I’ve just started doing that for myself again. I like knowing that the services are available if I need them but I enjoy my independence too.”

Norman - Nursing at Home

“Ozcare come twice a day, every day, to give me my tablets and insulin shots. I was doing it myself before but I didn’t remember to do it all the time or I wasn’t sure of how much to use and it was making me really sick. I am so happy with the service because I can rely on them. I feel so much better now it’s all organised and it gives me more confidence.”

John & Dorothy - Home Care

“My mum receives help with her medication, daily showers, shopping, preparation of her evening meal and washing – seven days a week. Being able to live in her own home for as long as she can is a much better outcome for Mum’s health and well-being.”

John, Dorothy’s son

John - Home Care

“I appreciate it because I can’t do it myself. Ozcare come to my home and they’re always excellent. I’m so grateful for the services they provide.”

Brenda - Day Respite Centre

“Life was lonely; losing all of my friends had made me lose the ability to socialise. I have made many friends since attending day respite and it brings back good memories of what I used to do, and thought I could no longer do, until the staff at Ozcare helped me realise that I still had the ability.”

Joan - Day Respite Centre

“I like my time at Ozcare, I have some nice friends and I find the staff very caring. I was depressed after losing my husband and visiting the day respite centre has helped me overcome my sadness. Now I really enjoy welcoming new comers to the centre and playing cards with my friends.  I really appreciate the transport to the centre and home again too.” 

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