5 Benefits of Tai Chi

5 Benefits of Tai Chi

Tai chi. It was originally used as a martial art in China, but it is its healing effects that are far more in use today - it’s been scientifically endorsed by doctors and physiotherapists as a simple, gentle way to improve your health.

We unearth the six biggest reasons to give tai chi a go.

  1. It can be done by anyone
    One of the biggest benefits of tai chi is that it’s so gentle that anyone can do it – even those with limited movement. In fact it’s those people that might see the most benefit!
  2. It can improve your balance
    Do you have trouble with falls? Tai chi is great with helping with balance by improving your stability and strength
  3. Helps with arthritis pain
    Tai chi has been found to help with the symptoms of arthritis – in fact, it’s recommended by Arthritis Queensland and a whole host of other arthritis organisations
  4. It can help with stress
    The movements are very relaxing and help to switch off all those thoughts that run around our heads
  5. It’s been designed by a world-class tai chi expert
    Our tai chi program has been designed by Dr Paul Lam in consultation with tai chi and medical experts to make it simple, safe and effective for people of all conditions, but particularly for people with arthritis
  6. Best of all, you don’t need any special equipment to take part – making it extra affordable.

Ozcare offers Tai Chi classes in North Lakes (Brisbane North), Townsville, and on the Gold Coast.

Gold Coast Tai Chi for Arthritis instructor Wendy Bransgrove said she has seen a raft of changes in those who take the classes regularly.

“I have found through years of instructing Tai Chi for my Ozcare clients, that their balance, strength and overall wellbeing have improved by participating in my Tai Chi classes.”

Marie Milnes, a participant in weekly Tai Chi for Arthritis classes at Ozcare Gold Coast for past three years agrees.

“I enjoy attending the group. I have made friends and feel that I am more confident when I walk around the shopping centre. Wendy is an amazing teacher. She makes the class fun.”

Head over to our allied health group programs page to find out more about our tai chi classes available in North Lakes, Townsville and on the Gold Coast.

Call us on 1800 Ozcare (1800 692 273) to book now!

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