65 Years’ Wedding Anniversary for Geoff & Peg

65 Years’ Wedding Anniversary for Geoff & Peg

After 65 years of wedded life together, Peg and Geoff Jameson still have eyes only for each other.

The couple celebrated their milestone wedding anniversary with family at Ozcare Noosa Heads Aged Care Facility recently with real feeling for one another.

Former toolmaker Geoff held Peg's hand every chance he could, and puckered up on more than one occasion to the delight of their well-wishers.

Before the loving couple cut the anniversary cake, Peg said the day was "amazing”.

They were just teenagers out on a church social when they met, but Peg really caught Geoff's eye and he never let her too far out of his sight. They clicked and eventually married at Cronulla Church of England.

"I was 21 when I married him and he was 24. We were on a bike ride out at a national park in Sydney,” Peg said.

Along the way they had Judith, Robert, James, Susan, Geoffrey and Mark and now have 15 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren.

Asked what their source of contentment was, Peg replies: "the secret is to discuss everything with each other.”

Staff made a fuss out of the pair, putting on an outstanding event. Activity officer Michelle made the celebration extra special by purchasing new clothes for them both, making sure Peg’s were her favourite colour pink.

Source: Noosa News

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