A Love Story That Proves ‘Third Time’s a Charm’

A Love Story That Proves ‘Third Time’s a Charm’

It was love at first sight when Max Wyss first set eyes on his wife Marcia in 1965 as the hired Christmas help at a jewellery store in Los Angeles where Max worked as a watchmaker.

“I couldn’t see enough of her,” said Max. His feelings were reciprocated as Marcia recalls: “the minute I saw him I thought ‘I’m marrying that man.’”

Both married twice before, Max and Marcia embarked on their love story which saw them tie the knot six months later in Las Vegas with three Elvises present to officiate the ceremony.

52 years on, Max, now 93, and Marcia, aged 89, reside at Ozcare’s Keith Turnbull Place aged care facility on the Gold Coast where they share a room and a love that has lasted half a century.

“I love him with all my heart,” said Marcia as she looks adoringly into Max’s eyes.

“I think he is the most wonderful person in the world and I couldn’t live without him. I’ve got to be able to see him, if I can’t see him I get very worried and upset.”

Ozcare’s diversional therapist Bonnie Loveday said Max and Marcia are the most loving couple who do everything together.

“I can’t get Marcia to any activities unless Max comes too!”

When asked the secret to long lasting love, Max and Marcia both agree: “People are so cold to each other, we’re so warm to each other… we want to be together.”

“I love her more than anything,” said Max as he reaches for Marcia’s hand.

“She’s my best friend. We’ve been together so long and done everything together for so long.”

Marcia cheekily adds, “I’ve never been happier than I’ve been with him - I’m going to keep him.”

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