Angels in Disguise Bring Hope to People in Need

Angels in Disguise Bring Hope to People in Need

“If it wasn’t for this lot, I probably wouldn’t be here.”

Strong and somewhat confronting words from Brisbane resident Andy, who lives alone and was struggling to manage his diabetes on his own.

“I overdosed intentionally years ago… I didn’t want to be here. The hospital didn’t trust me to administer my insulin so they put me on to Ozcare.”

Kelly, registered nurse at Ozcare, said when she first met Andy in September 2016 he was in and out of hospital every couple of days.

“Andy’s blood sugar levels were out of control and he wasn’t coping,” said Kelly.

“Andy now has Ozcare nurses visit him each morning to help him check his blood sugar levels and administer his medication.”

In addition, Kelly also oversees Andy’s care coordination.

“I interlink with other care workers and services to make sure Andy doesn’t miss his appointments and to see that he’s supported,” said Kelly.

“I help Andy understand the different medications he’s prescribed, how they work and what they are for in his terms, and I advocate on his behalf.

Kelly explains, “Andy often experiences chest pain due to another health condition, a few weeks ago he was in so much pain I wrote to his GP to see if we could try a pain patch. Andy’s been trialling the patch for five weeks now and it’s making his life much more bearable. He also has a scan today on his chest that we’ve been trying to organise for a while.”

Andy tells us it’s not just health issues that Kelly helps out with.

“Kelly has solved a few of my problems, she’s helped me sort out bills and set up a direct debit for my electricity account,” said Andy.

“She listens to me and is more caring than my GP.”

Kelly said everyone needs someone to listen.

“I like coming here, I sit and have a cuppa and let Andy get everything off his chest,” said Kelly.

“I became a nurse because I like helping people and giving back to the community. Seeing people like Andy get the care they need, and seeing them get better is very rewarding.

Andy’s less anxious than he used to be, he looks forward to his daily visits from Ozcare’s nurses and it also gives him a reason to get out of bed every morning. Andy’s blood sugar levels have stabilised and overall he’s much calmer.”

Andy certainly appreciates the care.

“They been bloody good to me – they’ve kept me sane.”

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