Behind the Scenes – Our Wonderful Aged Care Clients

Behind the Scenes – Our Wonderful Aged Care Clients

Working at Ozcare we are privileged to provide care and support for thousands of seniors around Queensland, and this month we had the honour of speaking with some of our wonderful aged care clients and staff as we filmed a video about our aged care services.

Every time we visit our clients we are struck by the unique stories they have to share about the fascinating lives they have led, the families they have created, and the memories they cherish.

Today we’d like to share some of these stories with you, and the way Ozcare improves their life.

Home Care – Gordon

We arrive at Gordon’s house to join in on his morning services. He’s having his blood pressure checked by registered nurse Rebecca and receiving domestic assistance from Lorna as part of his home care package.

Gordon is a natural on camera and only too happy to talk about the different services he receives and how much he looks forward to Ozcare’s visits.

“Ozcare is the best thing since sliced bread. If I didn't have Ozcare I wouldn't know what to do.

“The ladies that look after me are absolutely out of this world. They come and clean the house, and take me out for socials - it's all very good for little old retired guys like myself. Thank goodness for Ozcare that's all I can say. Without Ozcare, I'd have a bit of a boring old life actually.”

In-home care worker Lorna agrees: “It's very special for Gordon, he gets to know us. Gordon spends a lot of time at home by himself, and doesn't get to see many people, so, for Gordon, it's very special.

“We do the vacuuming, we wash the floors, we change the beds, we put the laundry on, tidy the kitchen, make meals for him as well, and then we sit down and we have a coffee and a chat.”

Day Respite Centres – Wendy

We join our Wednesday clients at our day respite centre in Burleigh Heads for a Motown Moves session designed to get everyone moving.

It’s a lively, upbeat atmosphere facilitated by Wendy, an allied health assistant from our Gold Coast community care branch. Clients are up out of their seats dancing; there’s tapping feet, clapping hands, and smiles all round.

Wendy is a prime example of how Ozcare staff love to help people.

“I love making a difference to their day. When I leave them when they've got a smile of their face, that’s perfect,” Wendy said.

“They can expect the best care possible, they can expect that people go over and above. All of the staff that work at Ozcare work here because they care.

“Even in our facilities it feels like they are at home. They've gone from one home to another home. Comfortable, warm, that's what we're about - making it feel warm.”

Aged Care Facility – Pam & Bev

We head to our Parkwood Gardens Aged Care Facility in Labrador to spend time with resident Pam, her daughter Bev, son-in-law Kevin, and granddaughter Victoria. Bev tells us about her mum’s journey and how she came to live at Parkwood Gardens.

“Mum was in hospital and they can only stay a certain length of time, and the specialist said "she can't go home to live by herself, you'll have to find somewhere for her" so we spent about ten days looking,” Bev said.

“The last day, the second last place we were to look at, we came here, and went 'oh' and I just about collapsed with relief, because it's just wonderful compared to some of the things we saw.

“She came here the following Thursday, she's been here ever since and she's done nothing but improve. We're so grateful that she's here because she's so comfortable and everybody is terrific here, they really are.

“As for gardens, they're fantastic; we go for walks every day.”

Watch the Video

In the video below we showcase our extensive range of our aged care services; aged care facilities, in-home care, day respite centres, and specialist dementia care using our very own staff and clients.

With close to 40 aged care locations around Queensland we weren’t able to feature them all, but the people we met, and the footage we got, is an excellent representation of the experienced, over-and-above care and support that our clients receive.

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