Bringing Hope and Leaving Sunshine

Bringing Hope and Leaving Sunshine

It’s National Volunteer Week from 8-14 May and an opportunity to thank our wonderful volunteers.

At Ozcare we have 400 volunteers working across a range of our services. They help make a difference in the lives of the people we care for and their support to our staff is invaluable.

This National Volunteer Week we spoke to a group of volunteers from our Palm Lodge Aged Care Facility to find out why they chose to volunteer at Ozcare.

Pat, aged 82, has a personal connection with Palm Lodge. Her husband lived here for four years and after he passed away Pat signed up to volunteer.

“I love it - I can help residents and bring smiles to their faces,” said Pat.

“Our help frees up staff; we’re a friendly face in the hallway, someone that can get staff assistance if needed and lend a hand with activities.”

Atu who is in her 70s also has family ties at Palm Lodge, her sister lives here. Atu gets so much enjoyment out of visiting her sister she has recently decided to volunteer.

“It’s a great place, very hygienic, and the nurses work very hard. It feels like a community here and that is something I want to be a part of – I do it for love.”

Andrea, 35 years old, is one of the youngest volunteers at Palm Lodge; she works mornings so has the day free to volunteer.

“I want to spend time helping people, we can learn so much from the elderly and I like to think I bring hope to them,” said Andrea.

“I help with exercises, like throwing balls and batting balloons. I do their nails and help with bingo. I’ll help out wherever I’m needed.”

Jennifer, one of our longest serving volunteers, started bringing communion on Sundays to Palm Lodge 20 years ago.

“It’s no effort at all to volunteer here, the residents have such great personalities,” said Jennifer.

“I help with mass on Thursdays and play scrabble with the residents – they always beat me.”

Pat chimes in: “We make it sound as if it’s too good to be true but on the whole we love this place.”

It’s this positive attitude that makes all of our volunteers very special to us. They don’t necessarily have the time to volunteer; they just have the heart!

From the bottom of our own hearts we thank our volunteers.
You bring a little hope and leave a little sunshine wherever you go.

Forever grateful,

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