Encouragement to Shine

Encouragement to Shine

Meet Billy, a chef by trade who lives with type 1 diabetes. Last year Billy had an infection in his blood stream, which lead to his leg being amputated.

Physically disabled, financially stressed and dealing with a turmoil of emotions, Billy felt very alone and was becoming depressed. 

It was at this time Billy engaged with Ozcare’s Mental Health Recovery program. Already a client of Ozcare’s nursing and allied health services, the team rallied together to help Billy rediscover his sense of belonging, purpose and self-worth.

Billy is a hero in the eyes of Ozcare, his motivation and determination to get his life back on track is inspiring and shows that anything is possible… you’ll never guess what Billy is up to now.

This mental health week we invite you to be moved by Billy and his story and we ask that you stop and take the time to value your own mental health. . Watch it now

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