Grant Relieves Pressure for People Living With Disability

Grant Relieves Pressure for People Living With Disability

Our Gold Coast allied health team was excited to meet Member for Mudgeeraba Ros Bates when she dropped by our offices to hand over a cheque for $17,499.09 from the Gambling Community Benefit Fund.

The funding will be used to buy an X-sensor pressure mapping device for our clients living with disability. The device is a computerised tool that assesses the pressure distribution of people in a wheelchair or who spend a lot of time sitting. A sensor mat is placed on the seat of a wheelchair or on the surface of a mattress and identifies areas of high and low pressure in the person’s body. The pressure map is then used to reduce pressure-ulcers and other injuries.

This is a major problem for our clients, with more than a third of the occupational therapy work we do involving prescribing pressure relieving equipment such as foam overlays for mattresses or special cushions for wheelchairs.

Being able to detect issues earlier allows our allied health staff to work with clients to prevent ulcers, by finding other ways to sit or lie and relieve the areas that are affected. It also gives our clients far greater control in managing these painful and often avoidable injuries by being aware of the areas that are at risk and being able to change their position throughout the day.

Our X-sensor pressure mapping device is one of the first to be available on the Gold Coast, and would not have been possible without the funding provided by the Queensland Government.

Our occupational therapy team are experts at assessing your home to make it safer and more comfortable, whether you’re living with disability or are a senior.

If you are considering installing grab rails, have problems with falls, or need specialised equipment for the shower, find out how our occupational therapy team can assist. Ready for an assessment? Call us now on 1800 Ozcare (1800 692 273).

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