Helping Our Homeless – Q Shelter Conference

Helping Our Homeless – Q Shelter Conference

Ozcare is a proud gold sponsor of The Future of Australian Housing 2017 conference, a partnership between Q Shelter, Brisbane Development Association and Future Housing Taskforce.

Run over two days, the conference will deliver a unique program for delegates and provide a platform for sponsors, speakers, and attendees to connect with a broader range of stakeholders.

Day One

Stretch your views of housing through outstanding professional development opportunities designed for the community housing, homelessness & affordable housing sectors.

Day Two

Join us for a walk-through of 1:1 scale off-grid modular homes and don't miss the sideline activities, promotions and special launches of new game changing approaches to affordability and housing independence and sustainability.

As a large provider of community support services in Queensland, including homeless hostels, we have chosen to put our support behind this event and help create a robust community housing system, supporting people experiencing homelessness, and creating stronger communities in Queensland.

To find out more, visit the conference website

Ozcare’s Homeless Services

The work of our eight homeless men’s hostels around Queensland can be life changing for our clients. These hostels support some really fantastic clients who have fallen on difficult times and have possibly had a very difficult life. Homelessness can happen to anyone – in fact, at any given time, there are around 105,000 individuals homeless each night in Australia. The critical work our homeless services do gives these people a hand up and out of the situations they find themselves in. We do this by providing immediate and basic support, such as a hot meal and a bed, but also offer intensive case management. Below is a case study of one such client, who we’ll call Greg.

Success Story: Bundaberg Men’s Hostel
*Names have been changed

After spending most of his life in and out of prison, Bundaberg Homeless Men’s Hostel client Greg* has never held a tenancy in his own right, sleeping on friends’ couches when he was not imprisoned or very temporary accommodation.

Greg has a history of drug abuse and refers to himself as an “addict”. Greg left home at an early age and has minimal contact with his family. So, as you can imagine he does not have a real support network like some of us may have.

Arriving at the hostel three weeks after being released from prison, Greg slowly became a little bit more trusting and comfortable with hostel staff and after a few weeks he was ready to create an initial case plan with his support worker.

The support worker identified that Greg had minimal literacy skills and would need support with housing applications. He and Greg also looked at the reasons for his addictions and Greg’s concerns he would use again and breach his parole conditions.

The hostel referred him to the community mental health and drug and alcohol treatment service for counselling sessions, to a local GP to ensure his medications were appropriate and that he knew how to manage them, and helped him consider ways to stay off drugs (including a drug replacement therapy program) to reduce the risk of him slipping back into illicit drug addiction, which would more than likely prolong his homelessness and possibly mean more time in jail.

With assistance of support staff, Greg has now completed all the documentation for housing services and has had his initial meeting appointment for housing. With his new-found confidence in his understanding of the registration process, Greg is hopeful of being allocated a unit in the next few months.

Far from breaching his parole, Greg has increased his engagement with his appointments, and is interacting really well with staff.

Greg remains at the hostel for now, but with ongoing support and case management from staff, he is slowly achieving goals that he originally set and has extended these to start financial counselling. He now has a sound budget to meet debts and control fortnightly living expenses, and has even purchased some basic household items like a kettle and cooking equipment that he will need in his unit.

For the first time in his life, Greg has not only registered for his own property, but he is confident he has the drive and skills to maintain it with assistance from Ozcare.

If you, or someone you know, is homeless or at risk of homelessness, call us on 1800 Ozcare (1800 692 273) or find your nearest homeless hostel.

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