How My Dietitian Improved My Social Life!

How My Dietitian Improved My Social Life!

Ninety-two-year-old Geoffrey Levitt from Ashmore, Gold Coast, would like to share how meeting our Dietitian changed his life.

In September last year, Geoffrey was at his wits end, dealing with uncomfortable and persistent bowel symptoms. Investigations with his gastroenterologist had turned up no results and several trials of various medications had not brought him any relief.

Geoffrey was at the point where he felt stuck at home. His symptoms were interfering with his ability to socialise and enjoy outings.

Ozcare Dietitian Camila Mendoza, was referred to help Geoffrey improve his symptoms.

After obtaining a detailed diet history, Camila identified that Geoffrey’s diet was high in insoluble fibre and there was some correlation between his symptoms and his intake of dairy products.

Over the next few months, with several face-to-face, in home visits with Camila, Geoffrey was encouraged to make small changes to his diet, and to feedback to Camila about his symptoms. This made it possible for Camila to determine that Geoffrey was in fact lactose intolerant and needed to decrease his fibre intake.

With Camila’s support, Geoffrey was able to incorporate dietary changes that reduced his unpleasant symptoms, which gave Geoffrey the freedom and confidence to reengage in social outings without worrying he would need to run off to the bathroom.

Geoffrey has since completed one of his dreams, to take a cruise with his son, which would never have been possible if he was still experiencing gastrointestinal symptoms.

Geoffrey has been an Ozcare client since 2014, and has accessed several different services we offer including domestic assistance, attending our local Day Respite Centre, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and sessions with our Allied Health Assistant who implemented a home exercise program with Geoffrey.


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