Nurses Protecting the Next Generation

Nurses Protecting the Next Generation

Nurses are often associated with caring for the elderly and sick, but this International Nurses Day Ozcare is celebrating the work of its immunisation team protecting school students against a range of preventive diseases.

Ozcare nurse immunisers in Toowoomba, Rockhampton, Emerald, Bundaberg and the Sunshine Coast have travelled to 112 schools and vaccinated more than 24,000 students against whooping cough, tetanus, diptheria, chickenpox, and human papilloma virus (HPV).

With diseases such as whooping cough seeing a resurgence in recent years, Ozcare Business Operations Manager Andrina Farlow said the program had been enormously valuable to schools and the community at large.

“Student vaccination is important to the whole community because infants and seniors who have not been vaccinated face a higher risk of complications if they catch the disease,” Andrina said.

“Our nurses do an exceptional job travelling around metropolitan and rural areas to provide these vaccinations to students to ensure they are protected right through to adulthood.”

As Ozcare approaches its 20th anniversary in July, the organisation is reminded of its nursing heritage.

“When we first began services in 1996 we were predominently a nursing organisation. Our services have diversified since then but we have also grown our nursing services to reach more Queenslanders than ever,“ Andrina, a registered nurse, said.

“Our 532 nurses now offer a hugely diverse range of clinical services including wound, medication, and chronic disease management as well as palliative care for babies, post-operative care at home, and lymphedema care.

“This International Nurses Day we want to say thank you to our nurses for the amazing work they do all year round.”

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