Ozcare is NDIS Ready!

Ozcare is NDIS Ready!

This Disability Action Week, we are excited to announce that we will be offering an extensive range of services under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

We will also continue to offer our current range of disability and health services funded under Queensland Community Care Services (QCCS), in order to ensure that people who are not eligible for NDIS are still able to access services.

In order to make things easier for you, we’re able to be your single point of contact for anything NDIS related. We’ll work with you to secure whatever services you need, whether we provide the services ourselves or partner with another provider.

As a disability service provider for the past 20 years, we focus on your abilities and strengths, rather than things you aren’t able to do. Using these as a base, we find ways to maintain or increase your independence and achieve your health and wellbeing goals.

We’ve found this is a much more effective way of achieving your goals, and our clients have had a lot of success with it. One of these clients is Garry, a client at the Ozcare day respite centre in Townsville.

Garry has dance moves to rival Michael Jackson and brings smiles to the faces of everyone around him. Not only can Garry do a mean moon walk, he’s also skilled at lifting people’s spirits and helping out those who are having difficulties. He has an amazingly warm and welcoming nature and we often ask him to mentor new clients. This is a great leadership role for Garry that he can do autonomously, and also gives our new clients a great introduction to our centre.

What NDIS services do you offer?
As a registered NDIS provider, we are able to provide, or link you to, a wide range of NDIS services:

Personal assistance & support services

  • Accommodation & tenancy assistance
  • Assistance managing life stages or transitions
  • Assistance with daily personal activities
  • Assistance with travel & transport arrangements
  • Behaviour support
  • Centre-based activities
  • Community nursing care
  • Daily life tasks in a shared living environment
  • Development of daily living and life skills
  • Household tasks
  • Participate in community & social activities
  • Support co-ordination
  • Plan management
  • Therapeutic supports
  • Training & travel independence

Assistive equipment and technology services

  • Assistive products for household tasks
  • Personal mobility equipment

Modifications services

  • Home modifications

How do I get NDIS services?
In order to start receiving services you need to have your NDIS eligibility assessed by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

You can start this process six months before the planned roll out date in your area, so that you can have your approval ready and services in place as soon as possible.

The upcoming roll out dates are:

  • Townsville - 1 October 2016
  • Mackay - 1 November 2016
  • Toowoomba - 1 January 2017

Register now
If you live in or near Townsville, Mackay, or Toowoomba, call us now on 1800 Ozcare (1800 692 273) to start your NDIS registration and find out if you’re eligible.

What if I’m not eligible?
Even if you aren’t approved for NDIS you can still access our disability services through your current Queensland Community Care Services (QCCS) funding.

Our disability services include:

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