Ozheart of the Month - Deborah Leeds

Ozheart of the Month - Deborah Leeds

This month we were deeply moved by the outstanding Ozheart nomination we received for Deborah Leeds, Support Worker at Madonna House Women’s Refuge.

Deb’s joint nomination from her supervisor, colleague and client was so heartfelt that she was unanimously voted this month’s Ozheart winner.

Deb joined Ozcare in November 2016 and since then has made quite an impression. Working with women and children escaping domestic violence can be mentally, physically and emotionally draining yet Deb manages to be unfailingly cheerful, upbeat and positive even when the team struggle with difficult situations.

Deb’s remarkable patience and admirable tact means she is skilled at handling difficult situations and resolving conflict; a great quality to have when working in a women’s refuge. Known for her ‘whatever it takes’ attitude and always going above and beyond her prescribed duties, Deb achieves remarkable outcomes for her clients.

Diligent and reliable, Deb’s good nature and willingness to help anybody, no matter what it takes is an inspiration to those around her. Deb feels her efforts are not only part of her job working for Ozcare but that it is also her responsibility as a person to help people in need.

Deb's nomination shows the profound effect she has on her clients.

“I currently reside at Madonna House, my three children and I sought the services of Ozcare in late May this year, bringing with us an extraordinary array of issues. As well as the presenting concerns compelling us to need the support of a domestic violence safe house, I also came to Madonna House very ill with a terminal diagnosis.

We quite literally arrived with nothing but a few changes of clothes. Deb has sourced every facet of our essential demands and been our strongest advocate in every way. In our time here, Deb has built up a beautiful rapport with my three kids and tenderly stepped up when at times I have been incapacitated.

I recently had a medical emergency arise. Deb did not shy away from the dire impact and responsibility this placed on her, something quite horrifying for most to imagine. She stayed by my side and set into motion the very elements responsible for my still being here, while ensuring the needs of my children were being met.

At our zero hour, human contact is EVERYTHING. I don’t mean that in its mere physical form. I am talking of a person’s innate and deep need to feel understood and not alone at the end. Deb has given my children and I such love, respect and compassion and never have I been served with such kindness nor been given such hope.”

This very powerful testimonial proves Deb possesses the qualities that are the very essence of Ozcare. Congratulations Deb, you are a very worthy Ozheart and someone who evidently does everything possible to make a difference in the lives of others. How fortunate we are to have you at Ozcare.

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