Ozheart of the Month - Rob Murray

Ozheart of the Month - Rob Murray

This month’s Ozheart award goes to Rob Murray, Senior Support Worker at South Brisbane Hostel.

Rob was nominated by his supervisor Kelly Sciacca for his ability to develop and maintain professional boundaries in a role where it is not always easy to. The relationship between a support worker and a client in a hostel environment is essentially one of trust and this can lead to situations where there is a level of emotional dependence on the support worker. Rob strikes just the right balance, embracing Ozcare’s values and coming from a place of compassion and respect when interacting with clients.

Most recently Rob worked closely with another agency to provide housing to a client in a complex situation which true to his nature, Rob handled skilfully and respectfully.

Rob has been with Ozcare for the past four years and during this time demonstrated commitment to his work by stepping in when needed and fulfilling higher duties. South Brisbane Hostel has undergone many changes in the last two years and in a leadership role Rob has displayed drive and perseverance to ensure the service is always working towards continuous improvement.

If a critical event occurs at the hostel, Rob can always be relied upon to turn up and do what’s needed. Recently a water pipe broke at the hostel and Rob came in to mop up to ensure the clients continued to have a safe and clean living environment.

Rob always has his clients’ best interests at heart and he’s always looking out for his co-workers. Rob is a big giver both inside and outside of Ozcare; he is known for his strong family values and giving back to the community on a personal level through the work of his church.

A very humble person, this is Rob’s most outstanding quality; his unassuming nature gives him a ‘realness’ that makes him very easy to relate to. An incredibly worthy Ozheart, Rob is an asset to South Brisbane Hostel and the people who walk through its doors looking for help.

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