Ozheart of the Month – Vivian Webley

Ozheart of the Month – Vivian Webley

A huge congratulations to Vivian Webley, in home support worker from Emerald, who has taken out our very first award for Ozheart of the Month.

Vivian is described as “a very special kind of person, who is vigilant, knowledgeable and someone who makes a very big difference in the lives of others.”

Vivian means a lot, not only to Ozcare, but to the community of Emerald and the people who live there. Her outstanding level of care sees her continue to receive requests from clients to deliver their services even after years of not seeing her.

An Ozcare employee for the past seven years, Vivian’s duties have primarily centred around domestic assistance in clients’ homes, however Vivian has never uttered the words “I just do housework” and instead sees herself as part of a larger team and recognises that the role of an in home support worker has a lot of value within the organisation and the community.

Vivian always maintains a positive approach to her role, working in Emerald carrying out domestic tasks in the heat of summer can be very demanding, yet Vivian doesn’t let it worry her and instead focuses her energy on being an advocate for the holistic welfare of her clients, and doing everything she can to ensure that all clients in Emerald receive the best care possible.

Vivian not only provides amazing support to clients, but also to staff at the Emerald branch. On multiple occasions Vivian has stepped out of her comfort zone to assist her co-workers in times of need. During a period of no admin support, Vivian, who was quick to admit she had no experience with computers, lent a hand and in “true Viv style”, familiarised herself with the tasks required and did an incredible job.

The words from her manager Andrea Cislowski in her nomination speaks volumes about the type of person Vivian is: “if I could clone Viv I would take 50 of her!”. She is highly deserving of the Ozheart award, congratulations Vivian for doing your job with heart.

A special award ceremony will be held in Vivian’s honour with colleagues, clients and family on 17 February.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate, we were blown away by the kindness that was shown. We received over 130 nominations throughout January and it was no easy task to pick a winner. We would like to make special mention of Raewyn McCulloch, registered nurse from Rockhampton and Suzanne Gower, activities officer at Caroline Chisholm for making it into our top three Ozheart nominations.

There can only be one winner each month, so if the person you nominated wasn’t recognised this month, make sure you nominate them again during February.

Congratulations to everyone who was nominated, give yourself a pat on the back, you are doing a wonderful job and it is being noticed by others – keep up the great work!

Ozheart Nominations - January

Anita Coulson
Annamarie Garrood
Annette Hill
Annie Young
Ariel Epoldulan
Beverely Moyler
Birtejinder Singh
Bonnie Loveday
Brenda Brooker
Briony Peters
Carol Zerbst
Carolynne Anderson
Catherine Evans
Catherine Massingham
Catherine Russo
Charlie Jackson
Chris Foley
David Hynes
David Mack
Deanne Johnson
Denise Green
Denise Truscott
Dianne Adams
Donna Bud
Elaine Spence

Giulia Berghofer
Hannah Reynolds Noakes
Heather Goodrum
Helen Griesheimer
James Simmons
Janice Keam
Janice Lennon
Jess Crichton Scoones
Jessica Crase
Jessica Veitch
JJ Terblanche
Jocelyn Campbell
Judith Cunningham 
Karen Schwarzrock
Kathy Oberholzer
Kay Gunnarsson
Kelly McGinnity
Kelly Scaicca
Kelsey Pitt
Kim Simpson
Kris Acton
Krystle Browne
Kylie Jones
Kylie Rewald

Lian Niesler 
Logan Zropf 
Lorraine Ellis 
Lyn Cox 
Lyn O'Phee 
Lynda Drayson
Marceline Peel 
Margaret Cox
Maria Dunasemant
Marija Stocki
Marnie Went
Mary Hopf
Melinda Grosse
Melissa Tapping
Michele Roche
Michelle Harris
Michelle Martens
Monika Patel
Nadean Ross
Natalie Sidoroff
Nicola Chadwick
Nicole Helsdon
Pana Shaw
Paul Richardson

Pauline Dixon 
Penny Cooper 
​Polson Peter 
Preciosa Pretty
Rachel Turner
Raewyn McCulloch
Caroline White
Renee Duncan
Sandra Minns
Sandra Morgan
Susan Ewing
Julie Nelson
Sharmaine Howard
Sheree Jesse
Siobhan Hansen
Suzanne Gower
Tanya Gode
Trish Maude
Vanessa Rawlinson
Vicki Bathe
Vicki McGuire
Vivian Webley
Yasman Emery
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