Respite Services

Respite Services

Caring is often a labour of love and many carers don’t see themselves at such. But no matter what title you give yourself, finding the time to just manage your household can seem far-fetched, let alone taking a break.

That’s where respite services can be a life-saver.

Respite care comes in a variety of forms but they all work towards the same aim of making sure you can be away from your duties safe in the knowledge the person you care for is well looked after.

Today we look at 5 respite services available to Queenslander carers of seniors, people living with dementia, and people with disability.

  1. Short term respite care
    Typically used when you need tobe away from home for a short time, such as a doctor’s appointment or doing the shopping, our experienced and professional carers come to your home and look after the person you care for. Your care recipient will enjoy playing games, doing craft, or having an outing in the community. Our carers can even do some meal preparation, cleaning, showering, or other personal care services while you’re away.
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  2. Ongoing respite care
    Do you work part-time? Organising regular respite care gives you the security of knowing your care recipient will always be looked after while you’re at paid work. Regular respite care can be organised for day or evening, and is completely flexible to fit around your schedule. As with short term care, the Ozcare carer can complete other tasks and chores while they are looking after your care recipient.
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  3. Emergency respite care
    When you need care immediately, call us on 1800 Ozcare (1800 692 273) to arrange emergency respite. Our carers can be organised at short notice and come to your home or another place in the community – whatever is needed.
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  4. Day respite centres
    Open during business hours, our day respite centres are fun, social places for people with disability, people living with dementia, or those needing aged care. Your care recipient will get to meet new people, take part in activities, and have their meals and care needs looked after. All our centre will even arrange transport to and from the centre if you live close by. Extended hours are available to carers of people living with dementia who want to do paid work or study.
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  5. Residential respite at an aged care facility
    Temporarily moving into an aged care facility is often a great idea for people who have recently returned from hospital and need more complex care, for those that want to see what life is like at an aged care facility, or for carers to travel interstate or overseas. All 11 of Ozcare’s aged care facilities offer residential respite care, including in our secure dementia wings.
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No matter what your needs, or whether you consider yourself a ‘carer’, it’s important to know that there are services out there to give carers a break, and make sure that care recipients have access to the care they need.

With the right respite care, you can:

Take a break for a few hours during the day or night

  • Take an extended break such as a holiday
  • Go interstate or travel overseas
  • Re-enter the workforce
  • Give the person you care for a social outing

Find out your options by calling Ozcare and discussing what services are available to you.

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