Step by Step Guide for Starting Home or Residential Aged Care

Step by Step Guide for Starting Home or Residential Aged Care

Thinking about getting any kind of aged care is a huge decision to be faced with and there’s a myriad of emotions involved with taking that step, whether it’s for yourself, your partner, or your mum or dad.

There’s also a minefield of decisions; are you interested in home care or residential aged care? What services and options are available in each of these? Which is the best for you? Then there’s price. What help can you get from the government and what will you have to pay yourself?

If you’re feeling sad, anxious, or even embarrassed you’re not alone. It’s important to take your time and consider what you need and what type of care is right for you.

Once you have made the decision to get care things can seem even more daunting - how do you actually go about organising aged care, whether it be nurses coming to your home, some help with the cleaning or shopping, or moving into a residential aged care facility?

We’ve developed this handy guide to give you all the information you need to get whatever aged care you need:

  1. Do your research
    At the start, do some research and find out more about what services are available and what you might like to use. Talk to your family and make the decision together. Websites like My Aged Care, and Aged Care Online can help you learn more about the services and providers available and help you to choose your preferred aged care provider. You can call us at any time on 1800 Ozcare (1800 692 273) if you have questions.
  2. Request aged care services
    When you’re ready to start services, call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 and register with them to receive a free assessment by the Australian Government. They will assess your needs and refer to you services. You’ll be able to tell them your preferred provider, or be referred to all of the aged care services in your local area. The government will also determine how much you’ll need to contribute to the cost of your services
  3. Begin your services
    Once we receive your referral, we’ll make a time to come and visit you and talk about the services you’ve been approved for and what you want to achieve with them. We’ll then develop a personalised plan with you and begin your services!

Depending on your needs, this process can take as little as a few days to a few weeks. If there are no current vacancies for your services you’ll be able to go onto a waiting list until a place becomes available.

If you have questions or are struggling with how to get aged care for yourself or a family member, contact us on 1800 Ozcare (1800 692 273).

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