Surprise make-over for South Brisbane Hostel

Surprise make-over for South Brisbane Hostel

Our clients and staff felt like they were on an episode of renovation rescue when a team of employees from Stockland showed up at the South Brisbane Homeless Men’s Hostel to give their shared areas a makeover.

A number of thrilled clients and staff jumped in to lend a hand too, making for a very jovial atmosphere.

The teams got to work, pulling up carpets, painting walls, laying new carpet and adding some furniture donated by Stockland from a recent renovation of their Brisbane office.

After just eight hours, a massive sausage sizzle, and a fair bit of sweat, the result was just as good as any TV ‘reveal’ – four completely overhauled modern spaces for clients to enjoy.

The kitchen was given a new lease on life with a new coat of paint, along with the library and training room which also got new carpets and chairs.

By far the most impressive transformation was the living room, which now has two expansive couches and a large screen TV.

Hostel coordinator Kelly Sciacca says residents have had nothing but good words to say about the makeover, remarking that the new rooms feel like home.

“The living room is already being used more and the men have a sense of pride in their new space, making sure it’s kept tidy and clean,” Kelly said.

“The training room, with its brand new chairs, will be used for an upcoming session, helping skill up those who want to enter the hospitality industry.”

It was a huge project for just one day, and residents who joined in were rewarded with a sense of accomplishment and team comradery.

A big thank you to our friends at Stockland, the new rooms have really improved living conditions for our hostel residents and bought a smile to our faces.

Stockland Regional Tenancy Design Manager Kiera van Doornum said the team from Stockland loved being part of it.

“Everyone had a ball – we still can’t believe the difference we could collectively make in one day!”

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