Talking About the Taboo - Continence

Talking About the Taboo - Continence

Our toilet habits are something we usually keep to ourselves – for good reason. But, when things aren’t working as they should, feelings of embarrassment and fear can prevent you from getting the help you need.

Young, old, or somewhere in between, it’s not uncommon to experience incontinence, but most cases are treatable with the right support.

For children

We offer bed wetting services for children in the Gold Coast and Brisbane South regions, to get on top of day and night time wetting. Most children that see us are over the age of six, but we welcome any families who are distressed because of toilet training.

Our nurses are experienced in getting to the bottom of the cause, and will support the whole family with information, advice, and getting dry. 93% of children achieve dryness with our program.

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For those with disability or health conditions

There are many health conditions that can contribute to urinary or bowel incontinence, and our continence nurses will start with a full assessment of your symptoms to understand what it is you are experiencing.

They will then provide you with options to improve your symptoms through pelvic floor exercises, continence aids, or catheters.

In many cases, continence is a short term condition that can be overcome with the right support from your doctors and Ozcare. If your issues are long term, our nurses can help you to improve your lifestyle and manage your symptoms the best way possible.

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For seniors

Incontinence is often associated with seniors but this does not mean that the condition should be left untreated. Seniors on a home care package or with Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) approval can access our team of continence nurses to get on top of urinary or bowel incontinence.

Our nurses visit your home to provide a comprehensive assessment, advice on how to improve your symptoms, provide care for catheters, and suggest continence aids that can allow you to go about your day with more confidence.

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