The Many Masks of Domestic Violence

The Many Masks of Domestic Violence

There are many aspects to domestic violence and the pain is often hidden among the many masks that women wear to hide the emotional and physical turmoil they are subjected to.

May is Domestic Violence Prevention Month and Ozcare is helping to spread the word that domestic violence is not ok and that everyone has a right to feel safe in their own home.

Ozcare Women’s Refuge Coordinator Marnie Went explains how her service helps women escaping domestic and family violence work through a myriad of emotions.

“Many women who come to us need to be reassured that the way their partner treats them is not okay and not normal; we help them to feel accepted and understood,” said Marnie.

“In any single day, DV victims are often:

  • Trying to please their partner to avoid conflict
  • Constantly harassed by calls and messages from their partner wanting to know where they are at all times
  • Experiencing feelings of isolation because their partner limits how much contact they have with family or friends
  • Without access to finances because their partner controls the money
  • Constantly walking on eggshells
  • Scared of their partner
  • Fearing for their life

No one deserves to be treated badly and there is opportunity for a better life.”

Marnie and her team provide tools to women to help them make critical decisions about the next stage of their life.

“We focus on giving women the strategies and tools to start the healing process, but it’s up to them whether they are ready to make that leap into what can be a confronting, intense program,” said Marnie.

“The healing process, which is often the most painful part of the journey, is also the most beneficial. It’s a great day for me when I start to hear ‘change talk’ and I can see that they are on their way to creating a better life for themselves and their children.”

Ozcare offers five women’s refuges in confidential locations around Queensland where we offer individualised support plans to empower women and their children to lead a life free of violence. If you or someone you know is affected by domestic and family violence please call DV Connect on 1800 811 811.

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