Top Five Reasons to Get the 2017 Flu Vaccine

Top Five Reasons to Get the 2017 Flu Vaccine

Last year more than 9,000 Queenslanders had a confirmed case of the flu, and 1,100 ended up in hospital. Were you or your family one of them? With autumn approaching now it a great time to prepare yourself for this year’s flu season.

  1. You can protect those that are vulnerable
    Getting Influenza is very common in our community and it’s the elderly and young that are most at risk. If you’re fit and healthy you may be wondering if it’s necessary for you to have the shot, but it’s worth considering that the flu is extremely contagious and it’s possible that you could give the flu to an infant or senior who may not have the ability to fight it off.
  2. Flu strains change each year
    Some people don’t realise that a yearly injection is necessary to ensure that you’re protected against the newest flu strains. Recently the vaccine was strengthened to include protection for four strains of flu instead of the usual three. This gives you an even better chance of avoiding the flu this season.
  3. If you get the flu, it can take weeks to recover
    Influenza is more serious than a cold and it can takes weeks to recover. Some people can also develop pneumonia, bronchitis, chest infections, or more serious complications. With work, children, social activities, and chores, no one has time for the flu.
  4. You can’t get the flu from the vaccine
    It’s a common misconception that you can catch the flu from getting your shot, but this isn’t true. The vaccine does not contain any live virus so it’s not possible to contract influenza from it.
  5. It’s safe for pregnant women
    A lot of people ask whether it’s completely safe for women who are pregnant to have their annual vaccination – this is a categorical yes at every stage of pregnancy. In addition, avoiding the flu is a benefit to you and your baby.

Don’t be part of this year’s statistics, have your annual flu shot to ensure you protect yourself and your loved ones from getting the latest flu strains.

Ozcare is an experienced flu vaccination provider, delivering flu vaccination services to workplaces and schools for more than 15 years.

Now is the best time to book a flu vaccination clinic in preparation for the flu season this winter. Our programs can be run at any time of the year, but are most effective in the months leading up to winter; March to June.

Book your 2017 flu vaccination clinic for your business or school now, or call us on 1800 Ozcare (1800 692 273) for more information.

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