What is allied health?

What is allied health?

When I first started in the health services industry I kept seeing the phrase ‘allied health’ coming up. While seemingly simple, it can be a bit ambiguous and confusing for those of us not in the industry!

So what exactly is allied health?

It’s a term for a group of health professionals, excluding doctors and nurses, who focus on improving your increasing your independence, mobility, health, and quality of life.

At Ozcare, our team of allied health professionals includes:

If you have an injury, are recovering from surgery, or have a disability, our physiotherapists can help you regain movement and reduce pain through the use of manual therapies, exercise programs and other techniques.

Occupational therapists
Our occupational therapists (known as OTs) visit you in your home to assess and advise you on ways to make it safer and more comfortable. This can include modifications such as installing grab rails in bathrooms, aids that make reaching objects easier, or making changes to the way you do tasks.

Dietitians (also known as nutritionists)
Dietitians provide food and nutrition advice to help you prevent and treat illness and disease through an understanding of the relationship between food and health.

Social workers
If you need help with adjusting to changes in your life, or are having difficulties with illness, injury or relationships, our social workers can help you with education, advice and support.

Exercise physiologists
Our exercise physiologists can help you to prevent and manage injuries and chronic diseases, such as diabetes, through the use of personalised exercise programs. We show you how to incorporate exercise in a way that suits your lifestyle, so you can reduce pain and improve your heart health, general health, and wellbeing.

Our podiatrists are qualified health professionals specialising in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of disorders, medical and surgical conditions of the feet and lower limbs.

Our allied health team see a range of ages and come direct to your home – our services are open to anyone that has difficulties with their mobility or wellbeing. Use our locate a service function to find the allied health services we offer in your area or find out more about the allied health services they offer.

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