Why You Should Use Residential Respite Care

Why You Should Use Residential Respite Care

Chances are you’ve never heard of residential respite care. It’s one of those services that for whatever reason is overlooked – but it’s one of the most versatile and extremely useful.

Residential respite care is a mix between residential aged care and respite care. It’s used on a temporary basis and is extremely flexible, you can use it anywhere from few days up to two months, and can be scheduled or used in an emergency.

You’ll move into an aged care facility with our permanent residents and enjoy the same facilities and activities.

Here are the 3 top reasons why you should use residential respite care:

  1. You’re not sure if you want to move into an aged care facility
    Perhaps you’re not quite ready to leave your home, or you’ve heard some stories about aged care facilities being lonely and boring. Whatever the reason, residential respite gives you a great opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ by spending a small amount of time in a facility that you’re interested in. You’ll meet new friends and get to know our wonderful diversional therapists who put together a calendar full of activities every month.
  2. You’ve just come out of hospital
    Often when you’ve had an injury or illness your care needs are higher and your regular carer might not have the skills or time to give you the extra care you need. If this is the case you can stay in one of our ten residential aged care facilities for as long as you need (usually up to two months) and have the benefit of 24-hour nursing and care support. Once you’re feeling better you can return home!
  3. Your carer is unable to care for you temporarily
    If your carer needs to attend a wedding or other event, wants to go on a holiday, or is sick themselves, you can move into a residential aged care facility while they are away. Some people even choose to stay on and move to permanent care!

For your convenience, we offer residential respite days at each of our ten aged care facilities around Queensland. 

How to get residential respite care

  • Read up about costs and eligibility on our residential respite care services page
  • Use our locate a service function to find the facility nearest you, and book a tour with our facility manager
  • You will need to be assessed by the Australian Government’s Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) to ensure you’re eligible for services. Call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 to start the process.
  • Once you have received your ACAT approval complete the Ozcare residential respite application pack which is also available from the facility
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