Ozheart Autumn – Shilpi Jishtu

Blog Ozheart Autumn Shilpi Jishtu

We are very pleased to announce our first Ozheart winner for 2018, Shilpi Jishtu our dementia advisor at Ozcare Brisbane North.

Shilpi’s nomination was put forward by the daughter of one of her clients, and seconded by her supervisor, David Mack and state coordinator, Karen Constant. It was an outstanding nomination that truly highlights the difference our staff do make in the lives of the people they care for and support. We’re proud to share a few words of Shilpi’s nomination with you.

“Every person trying to navigate My Aged Care should meet with Shilpi. I cannot thank her enough for all the help she has given to my mother, who has advanced dementia, and to me in helping us navigate the aged care system.

When Shilpi rang me to discuss my mother’s care, I was (as a carer) in a terrible way. Shilpi came over and took positive action by taking me and my mother to various respite centres, she did all the behind the scenes work liaising with multiple organisations.

While caring for mum I didn’t have the time or energy and was close to putting mum in care. With the things Shilpi has put in place I’m confident I will be able to care for mum for a good while yet. So many people talk – but Shilpi takes action.

Our stress levels went from 99 to 20 – she was a knight in shining armour!”

Over the years we have received many compliments from clients expressing their gratitude for the services that Shilpi provides.

Dementia can be a very confronting issue to deal with and there seems to be a real sense of relief from these individuals once Shilpi explains what they can expect from dementia and what options are available to help them and their loved ones through the process.

Shilpi’s supervisor David said while Shilpi receives many compliments about her personal approach and her ability to move clients forward, often some of Shilpi’s most outstanding work goes unmentioned as she frequently works quietly and sensitively with vulnerable and isolated people living alone in the community with dementia.

Integral to the success of the Dementia Advisory and Support Service (DASS) in the Brisbane North region, Shilpi also steps up when required to take on a significant role in supporting her managers with organisational administration and in developing new processes to support service delivery across the state. Shilpi’s supervisors agree her key strength is in her attitude to team work.

One of Shilpi’s stand out qualities is humility and she is the first to say that “together we achieve so much more!”

Shilpi has sustained good relationships with her peers in other services which has promoted DASS and increased understanding of dementia.

Her responsiveness and positivity is also reflected in her ability to grow strong relationships with services outside Ozcare, strengthening our referrals and our business.

Shilpi, congratulations on this award and thank you for your outstanding work. You demonstrate commitment to our organisational values and show a professional individualised service to each of your clients.