Spring Ozheart Winner – Leanne Sellwood

Blog Spring Ozheart Winner Leanne Sellwood

Congratulations to Leanne Sellwood, Care Assistant from the Sunshine Coast, on being voted our Spring Ozheart.

This is the second time we have awarded an Ozheart to a Care Assistant on the Sunshine Coast as a result of a client nomination. It is great to see that when our staff genuinely love what they do, it makes a big difference in the lives of the people we care for and support.

Leanne was nominated by her clients, Barney and Fay, for “all the little things she does to make their days better when she visits.”

Leanne first started with Ozcare six years ago as a Care Assistant at Ozcare Toowoomba. Fortunately, for our Sunshine Coast branch, she transferred at the end of 2014 to work in the Noosa area, and she hasn’t looked back.

Leanne is known for going the extra mile. She is described by those around her as friendly, approachable, adaptable, kind-hearted, caring and giving, and as someone who thinks outside the box and genuinely loves her role. And she truly does, Leanne tells us she loves being able to give to others to help make a difference in their lives.

Clients Barney & Fay had this to say about Leanne, “Lee is compassionate, caring, understanding & encouraging of our needs and feelings to say the least. It’s all the little things she does that makes our days better when she visits.

I have shaky hands and Lee cuts up my meals and puts peas and corn on my mashed potato or pumpkin that she cooks so they don’t fall off my spoon before I get them to my mouth, saves me a mess too. Lee cuts our sandwiches into 6 small squares so I can put the whole bit in my mouth and not spill any! She puts cut fruit with Fay’s lunches because she likes it and I don’t.

Lee has made meals for Fay and I that we have not had before like baked potato with trimmings of bacon, cheese and coleslaw, she makes the tastiest scrambled eggs loaded with mushrooms, zucchini, tomato and cheese on top! It’s the caring thought of peas on the mash, cutting sandwiches in bite size, that’s what makes her different.

Lee takes us out on Friday’s to get groceries and we have a coffee and something to eat. If the weather is good we sit down at the river which is wonderful! Lee gets us our favourite coffee’s and something to eat, this varies but Lee brings cutlery to cut it up to make it easier for us. Lee also brings cushions for us to sit on and she has a towel in her car for us to use as a tablecloth, see what I mean when I say, “thoughtful and considerate”.

Lee makes appointments for Fay to have her hair done which Fay loves! Lee will also help Fay find new clothes by asking what she likes, guessing the size, purchasing and taking them home for Fay to try on and what doesn’t fit, we return next time, no stress for Fay.

These are all the small things she does that make a big difference! There is much more Lee does to make us feel content with life and have a good laugh, we thank her for visiting and wish she could come every day.

In July the new Aged Care Standards came into play. The eight new Standards put the client at the centre of care, and Standard 1, the foundation standard, focuses on ensuring clients are treated with dignity and respect, and their independence and choice is encouraged.

Leanne’s work absolutely reflects the new Standards, and shows the importance of individual attention and responsive care, in making a difference in the lives of the people she cares for and supports.

Another one of Leanne’s clients, Enid, said, “Lee a wonderful personal carer with a holistic approach to my needs. She has a very good sense of humour and has a special ability for anticipating my needs but never encroaches on my independence and always respects my dignity.

As someone who really feels the cold weather I certainly appreciate it when Lee warms my bath towel in front of the heater. This makes me feel quite special. In Lee, I observe and benefit from her ability to show that little extra. Lee retains her professional status while allowing us to enjoy her company.”

Leanne, thank you for your wonderful service to Ozcare. You are an asset to your team and our organisation. We congratulate you on this fantastic achievement.