Winter Ozheart Winner – Jo Witt

Blog Winter Ozheart Winner Jo Witt

We are excited to announce the winner of our winter Ozheart award is Jo Witt. Jo is a Family Support Worker at our Goodna Integrated Family Support Program (GIFS) and Family Accommodation Project at Ipswich.

In her role, Jo works with families experiencing significant challenges and hardship, and families who have no place to call home.

Jo is known for her kindness, humour and resilience, even in the most heartbreaking of situations. She has a knack for empathetic listening and genuinely cares about the families she supports.

Jo was nominated for the Ozheart award by one of her clients. This client was so appreciative of Jo’s life-changing support he wrote the poem below for her.


You came into our life,
When we had no place to go. 
You gave my family a deadly home, 
Your kindness you did show! 

You helped my kids and showed them love, 
With shoes and school pick-ups. 
You counselled us and helped us out, 
And fixed up our hiccups! 

You were there when times were tough, 
When Kathleen broke the law. 
You took the time to tell her right, 
That made us love you more! 

You went beyond your job, 
As a worker that you are. 
You’re like a savour to my family, 
My deadly white mother! 

You need a break because you care, 
For everyone you meet. 
You need some pampering of your own, 
Some time to rest your feet! 

You is Jo our caring friend, 
The woman at Ozcare. 
Thank you from our family, 
We love you cause you care!!!

This client refers to Jo as an angel for giving him the confidence to keep moving forward. He now has the self-belief that he can raise his three kids on his own because since meeting Jo, he feels he is a better man, father and human.

Jo is exceptional in the professional level of care and support that she provides. Over the past 6 years she has been working at Ozcare, we have received numerous compliments about just how wonderful she is.

We are told she delivers services with love, patience, professionalism, honesty, respect and always a smile.

Jo has a pivotal role helping families in desperate situations turn their lives around, and for this we think her work is invaluable. Congratulations Jo!