Residential respite gives people living with dementia the chance to move into an aged care facility temporarily for a variety of reasons

Dementia Residential Respite

A temporary stay in one of our aged care facilities

All our aged care facilities offer temporary residential respite care for people living with dementia in our secure, specialised dementia wings. You will move into our facility and receive 24 hour a day, 7 day a week care by our experienced team of nurses, care workers, allied health professionals, and hospitality staff.

Your respite stay can last for a day or a few weeks, depending on what you need. The maximum stay set by the government is 63 days, but this can be extended in special circumstances.

Facility and Services

Our aged care facilities are homely places, designed with seniors’ needs in mind and fitted with state of the art technology.

Our dementia wings have been carefully constructed to ensure that the unique needs of people living with dementia are catered for. Every detail has been considered to provide you with a comfortable, safe space that you can move around easily and feel at home.

We cater for all levels of care needs, from those who are very independent, to those who require more assistance to move around, eat, shower, and dress, or who need specialist nursing care.

Our chefs cook all meals on site, providing you with five delicious meals every day that cater for all dietary and medical requirements.


Our facilities are full of life, with a range of activities scheduled each month so you can pick and choose as you please. Whether you are a socialite who will enjoy mixing with other residents, or prefer to sit quietly in a cosy corner with a book, you’ll have plenty to do during your stay.

Our activities can include:

  • Craft and painting
  • Movie screenings
  • Puzzles, games, bingo, and reading
  • Walks in our landscaped gardens
  • Exercise classes, Tai Chi, and movement to music
  • Discussion groups, knitting groups, men’s clubs, reading groups
  • Music concerts, dance concerts, and special themed events

Who Can Use Residential Respite Care?

If you are a person living with dementia you might need to use residential respite care if:

  • Your carer is going away on holiday
  • Your carer is unwell and unable to look after you
  • You’ve recently been to hospital and you need more care than your carer can provide

Residential respite also provides an opportunity if you’ve been thinking of moving to an aged care facility, but you are unsure whether a permanent move is right for you. You’ll be able to see what living in an aged care facility is like, and see if having full time care improves your health and wellbeing.


A fee is charged for each day that you stay in our aged care facility using residential respite. Your out of pocket expenses will depend on your eligibility for government-funded subsidies.


Our residential respite services are available to people living with dementia who have been approved for residential care by the Australian Government’s Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). While most people who move into an aged care facility are seniors, we can also accept young people living with dementia if you have an ACAT approval.

In addition to your ACAT approval, you will need complete the Ozcare residential respite application pack, available from the facility.

Our Approach to Dementia Care

We believe people can live well with dementia with the right support and services. We help you to live at home for as long as possible by providing our residential respite services to help you and your carer, and can help you transition to permanent care in a way that makes the process easier for all of you.

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