Garry, a client at our Townsville Day Respite Centre, who receives disability and health services from Ozcare

Disability & Health Services

Queensland Community Care Services

If you are aged under 65 years (or under 50 years for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders), and have a disability or other condition that restricts your ability to carry out everyday activities, you may be eligible for Queensland Community Care Services (QCCS).

This can include people with:

  • Chronic illness or disease
  • Physical injuries or conditions

If you’re unable to complete everyday tasks such as dressing, showering, preparing meals, cleaning, or taking public transport because of your condition, you could be eligible for services such as:

  • Personal care
    Including dressing, showering and other everyday tasks
  • Meal preparation
    Delicious and nutritious meals at home
  • Domestic assistance
    Housework including cleaning, washing and food shopping
  • Transportation
    Around your local community for appointments or visits
  • Social support
    Maintaining an active social life at home and out of the house
  • Nursing
    Registered nurses who visit your home to provide expert nursing care

Our Approach to Disability and Health Care

As a disability service provider for the past 20 years, we focus on your abilities and strengths, rather than things you aren’t able to do. Using these as a base, we find ways to maintain or increase your independence and achieve your health and wellbeing goals.

We’ve found this is a much more effective way of achieving your goals, and our clients have had a lot of success with it. One of these clients is Garry, a client at the Ozcare day respite centre in Townsville.

Garry has dance moves to rival Michael Jackson and brings smiles to the faces of everyone around him. Not only can Garry do a mean moon walk, he’s also skilled at lifting people’s spirits and helping out those who are having difficulties. He has an amazingly warm and welcoming nature and we often ask him to mentor new clients. This is a great leadership role for Garry that he can do autonomously, and also gives our new clients a great introduction to our centre.

How to access services:

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